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IoT Hackathon at IUG 2023 in Budapest

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·Mar 7, 2023·

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IoT Hackathon at IUG 2023


Be prepared for our first IoT Hackathon at the International User Groups Conference (IUG) 2023 in Budapest!

This is your chance to attend an on-site full-day hackathon where we focus on developing innovative new IoT solutions or enhancing Cumulocity IoT with new functionality in heterogeneous teams. Be assured that our IoT experts will also be attending to accelerate your success!

There are no participation fees so make sure to register early as the seats are limited!

Hacka… what?

Hackathon! This is a 1 or 2 day event where tech people & developers come together to be creative in heterogenous teams, think out of the box and “just do / developer things” to a specific topic. It’s all about trying out new stuff, learn & connect with new open-minded people who are excited to share their visions and contribute with their unique skill sets.

From Software AG side we will bring all our experts who are happy to share their knowledge around Cumulocity IoT.
Also some of our device partners like Kunbus will join with a set of cool devices, sensors & other equipment.

In the IoT Hackathon our main focus will be… you got it already … IoT and of course Cumulocity IoT.

Focus IoT


We don’t want to restrict the focus topic too much so everything that has something to do with IoT and Cumulocity IoT can be focused during that day.
So either you can bring your own topic which you ever wanted to try out or built but never had the time or knowledge to do so or you can just attend open-minded and pick one of our prepared IoT solution blueprints.

Here are some examples which fit well with our focus:

  • Building an energy metering/condition monitoring/tracking/you name it solution.

  • Integrating a new device type X to Cumulocity IoT or enhancing the integration to Cumulocity IoT

  • Implementing a new widget/frontend plugin/app or extending existing applications with new functionality

  • Build a plugin to extend the functionality.

  • Stream or integrate IoT data to a 3rd party system

Some of our blueprints will contain fun solutions like connected beer brewery so don’t worry, we will find something for you if you don’t have yet any idea.
If you have an idea and are unsure if it matches the idea or have any questions about the focus don’t hesitate to get in contact with me!

Why should YOU attend?

Ever wanted to understand what is about or try out brand-new features of Cumulocity IoT? Here is your chance!

  • Learn - The best way to learn new things is just by doing it! We support you in your learning experience so it will be very efficient and fun!

  • Discover - See what you can achieve when unleashing the full Cumulocity IoT potential. We provide you access to our full IoT software stack.

  • Meet - We have them all! All the experts support you in person to have a great experience.

  • Connect - See what other companies & partners are doing. Exchange to find overlaps or even a joined approach to become partners.

  • Fun - We will make sure this is a fun event with a comfortable environment and refreshments but most importantly bring you together with open-minded people to meet and collaborate with.


You are the right person if you meet our following requirements:

  • You are a partner, customer or company currently investigating Cumulocity IoT.

  • You are in a technical role, designing or implementing IT/IoT solutions.

  • You are experienced in software development and have fresh ideas about IoT solutions.

  • You are equipped! Bring your own devices… notebooks, power supply, any other equipment you want to work with.

  • You are open for trying something new or have already some IoT solutions in mind you want to implement!

SAG-Employees : Please don’t register. You will be approached by the orga team and join the hackathon as selected experts in specific areas.


The main hackathon will be conducted on 14th of June 2023 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. Make sure you arrive the day before to register yourself onsite and meet the first people at an evening event!

Here is the detailed time schedule:

  • June 13 2023, 4.00 - 6.00 pm: Welcome & registration

  • June 14 2023, 9.00 am - 6.00 pm: Hackathon

  • June 15 and 16 2023: Join us for the Cumulocity IoT Product Track


Make sure you register by 30th of April. After a review your registration will be confirmed so please before you book your travel.

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